Monday, January 4, 2010


I have received many questions about the project. Most of them you will find the answer in this blog. Please make sure that you scroll down and read it. The software has plenty of comments and is very easy to understand. Also, refer to the Software section (December archive).

Feel free to post your questions here in this section, so everybody can read them, including my answers. (Too bad this blogger doesn't allow something more friendly, such as a forum). Oh, well.. :)


  1. well first off never seen the handset before as I am canadian but that doesn't take away from the excelance of this project well done sir

    now you just need a induction charger and your set
    but I would bet that this would work on many rotory phones
    and I would love to get a loaded pcb to mess with
    I'll be watching to see if if you take it that far I'll buy one for sure

  2. Fist of all - I'm very ipressed.
    I suggest, if you could sell the PCB along with alle the components (PCB, programmed chip, Mic, power switch and power plugs) as a KIT - I would defenitivly like to buy one from you.

  3. Just an amazing build! By odd coincidence, I have exactly the same color Ericophon and the same color LG Cell phone. Count me in as someone else who would love to buy a kit, if (and when) you make one.

  4. Hello all,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    @Canadian Anonymous
    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do magnetic charging in this type of phone. The lower frame is all metallic and it would require a charging base with more electronics. I thought about it before building it, but way too complicated. I decided to go for a regular 1mm connector.

    @Anonymous #2 & Dan
    The kit sounds good. However, please keep in mind that all components are SMD0603, which are really small, and the WT32 has a very fine pitch. I am not sure if preference is:

    a- a kit with all external parts, plus a PCB with all components already soldered

    b- like a) but the user solder all the SMD components to the board.

    Of course the PIC will come with the latest SW loaded. Please let me know. Thx, Q

  5. I would prefer a prebuilt, or mostly built kit because of the tiny components.

  6. Maybe an option:
    A) PCB parts soldered, More expensive

    B) Un-soldreed, less expensive (some people in the DIY electronics world are pretty experienced with SMD soldering).

  7. I am a DIY guy, but I have zero experience with electronic kits, so a prebuilt kit sounds very appealing.

  8. I love those phone, but im wondering if you could do it to a normal rotary phone?

    The one with the full on bell ringer and such?

    I'd love to put my mobile in a stand and connect it to a bluetooth rotary phone, and then have someone call me and to answer it on the rotary. It would be so brilliant!

    If not, then ill have to look arount for an ericofon, but i much prefer the normal type ;)

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Is it possible to download complete schematics and eagle files for PCB somewhere ?
    Could not find these anywhere.

    Maybe is possible to buy PCB only without components ?
    For DIY:ers who don't want to buy complete phone.

  10. Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I 'got to know you'. Good luck in the challenge.