Sunday, January 3, 2010

After Party

I had to add this note. Yesterday I was invited to an elegant party at a Swedish friend's house. I thought "Hey, what better than bringing the Swedish icon phone to a Swedish house." I showed the phone to him and his mom and they couldn't believe it. They started passing it around, telling people about it and showing it off. It was funny seeing many jaw-dropping faces in disbelieve calling their own cell phones and then calling the BT Ericofon back and listening to the mimicked Ericotone ringer. People loved the phone and I got tons of questions about how it works. It was really funny, so it accomplished its main goal! What I also noticed is that it is a great way of collecting phone numbers, especially from the cute women. :) Now, if I could embed a camera in there...  hmm... is it the next project? ;)


  1. Hi Santiago!

    Glad you liked the party, I think it turned out very well! Cool to see your project getting listed on Engadget, certainly had a wow-factor at the party too! Good luck in the new year.

  2. Hi Martin,

    Sure the party turned out well. I loved it. Thanks for the kind comments. I also loved how people liked it. Thanks for the good wishes, you too and stay in contact! Q